Twitter is Launching the New Twitter Blue

According to recent update, the popular social media company Twitter has planned on a new subscription plan on Apple’s App Store which is named as Twitter Blue. It will be charged around $3 monthly basis and will let you customize different shades in the app, “undo send” on your tweets, and systematize tweets in folders for handy usage, as said by the tech-blogger Jane Manchun Wong.

For now, Twitter has specified no further information about it, and has refused to confirm online claims that the service could allow users to “undo” tweets. Earlier, it had notified about its work in progress on unique features for paid subscribers.

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Till now, the service is not existent for Twitter customers.  According to screenshots of Twitter Blue says Wong, Twitter Blue also has a “Reader Mode” feature as well which is built to assist users “keep up with threads by turning them into easy-to-read text” and again ,Twitter Blue also has a “Collections” tab that gives users a place to put and sort out tweets in folders. Twitter has not so far provided any further particulars on the new subscription service or about when it would be I public reach. Earlier this month, the social-media giant had begun allowing users send and receive money in the course of a “Tip Jar.” The company had instigated this new feature only in the previous month and this allowed people send money to others on the network.

Twitter said this feature was “an easy way to support the incredible voices that make up the conversation”.

To commence with, only a chosen set of people can receive tips – a group Twitter said was made up of “creators”, reporters, specialists, and non-profits. The feature adds a minute icon to a user’s profile on cell phone devices only for now. It contains a drop-down list of options for other payment providers listed as PayPal, Venmo, or the Cash App, the latter two of which are popular in United States. However the declaration was not without debates and controversies. Since the payment is made through those outer systems, some Twitter users have observed that tipping a PayPal account gives access to the recipient recognize the postal address of the tip sender. In other cases, the recipient’s email address could be visible irrespective of any transaction.

At this moment, even though “Twitter Blue” is now available on app stores, it isn’t yet fully enabled for users and pilot hand-outs of the subscription service are expected to begin shortly without the clarity on which countries it will be offered at first place. The social media giant said that increasing “revenue durability” is the company’s peak priority. The company is strategizing now to continue progressing and experimenting with alternate ways as well to diversify its revenues outside advertising this year and further on. These tactics could carry subscription services and other ways to propose individuals and businesses access on special features on Twitter. The company has also made it certain that it will go on to focusing on raising its advertising business.

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